Dealers & Distributors

YAŞAR MAKINE, which started its activities, operates in the field of manufacturing paddy and rice processing machines, hazelnut processing machines, on-vehicle equipment, grain handling, grain drying machines, parboilers, boiler systems and color sorter machines. More than 300 experienced staff in production facilities established on 60,000 m2 closed and 90,000 m3 open area.

Today, YAŞAR MAKİNA is proud of being one of the leading companies that export the most in Samsun, the rising industrial city of the Black Sea. YAŞAR MAKİNA, which offers all kinds of solutions to its customers in business matters, is today able to supply products to approximately 2,000 customers in more than 75 countries of the world, especially in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the American continents and African countries.

YAŞAR MAKİNA, which has been constantly renewing itself since the day it was founded, has enriched its machinery park with computer-controlled machines.

By testing the quality of the product to be processed, product-based standard processes or special processes are created and the final product can be processed in the most efficient way.

YAŞAR MAKİNA is one of the leading names in the sector in terms of advanced technology and machine diversity, with its robust body structure, serial operation and many different technical features in the machines it has been manufacturing since the day it was founded. YAŞAR MAKİNA, which has managed to prioritize customer satisfaction with its expert staff and technical services it offers to its customers, demonstrates its product and system quality with the documents it has obtained.

YAŞAR MAKİNA, which has the CE mark right, ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate and GHOST-R certificate for all machines produced by TSE, offers solutions to its customers at every level needed in terms of activity.

YAŞAR MAKİNA offers turnkey solutions to its customers in the design, manufacturing, construction and assembly stages.