Mustafa Polatcan - Ceo- Dünya Newspaper

YAŞAR GROUP, which started its activities in 1969, continues its production and investments uninterruptedly in the pandemic process with 100% domestic capital in order to develop pre-cleaning, drying, processing and packaging machines in the field of paddy, rice, nuts, nuts and cereals.

As YAŞAR GROUP, Our companies operate mainly in machinery manufacturing, food, fuel, tourism, energy and construction sectors.
Always a follower of innovations, our company plans to open its second machine production facility in Samsun / Toybelen in 25.000 m2 area in June in addition to our latest technologies in the machine sector in 2021.It will employ 500 staff with two production factories. Our company, which has the opportunity to establish a turnkey facility with a capacity of 300 tons/hour per year with its current capacity, plans to increase this capacity to 750 tons/hour with its new production facility.

As YAŞAR GROUP, we also continue to invest in tourism without slowing down.Our constructions continue rapidly with POLATCAN hotel brand in Keşan / Edirne(5 star) and in 4Levent / ISTANBUL(4 star) and we aim to start their activities in the 2nd half of the year 2021.

Following the technology, the production of new generation machines and presenting them to the world market has moved us above the leading companies in the sector. Our company, which is in competition with German, Japanese and other countries' companies in its sector, has surpassed its competitors with its production quality and has made its name more mentioned in the world by increasing its production capacity.

70% of our production rate is in the foreign market. If we consider 2020 and especially the first quarter of 2021, we increase our export figures by doubling and increase the number of countries we export from 56 to 65.

As YAŞAR GROUP, we have never lost our excitement as on the first day of our business life. YAŞAR GROUP, which is growing with the support of our business partners, will continue to increase its efforts to improve manufacturing and service quality day by day. We thank all our business partners and wish that the investments we have made will bring beauty to our country