Yaşar Metal Construction Export Import San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti. has been performing its manufacturing activities in the manufacturing sector in the highest quality standards since 2009. With experience and experience, Yaşar Metal is committed to achieving high quality standards even in the most sensitive jobs.

Our company, which operates in various sectors, also engaged in the activities of iron and steel, construction, energy, automotive and machinery manufacturing industries. With its professional and specialized staff, it works in subcontracting and mass production as a sub-industry for leading companies in their sectors.

It fulfills the requirements of quality standards at every stage of production and is extremely committed in this regard. She has many years of experience in sandblasting and dyeing of all kinds of welding, including Bending and Cylinder Bending, Laser, Plasma and Guillotine Cutting, CNC Turning, Vertical Machining Center works and universal lathes.